Remember the talk almost a month ago about Obama’s unprecedented permanent campaign structure?  His people were supposed to use the network created by his campaign donors to pressure Congress into supporting his programs.  If you’re a bit hazy about this, here is a reminder thanks to Hot Air.

How did this grassroots army perform in the President’s first legislative test?  Looks like the people power petered out:  Results in on Obama’s grassroots appeal: It’s a bust

WASHINGTON — Few supporters are answering President Barack Obama’s call for nationwide house-party gatherings this weekend to build grass-roots support for his economic stimulus plan.

A McClatchy survey of sign-up rosters for a score of cities across the country revealed only 34 committed attendees in Tacoma, Wash., as of midafternoon Friday; in Fort Worth, Texas, only 54, and in Sacramento, Calif., just 78.

“Before the election, we would have had 500 to 800,” said Kim Mack, 46, a Sacramento city-facility manager who’s hosted house parties for political figures and causes since the mid-’90s.

Even in Washington, policy-wonk capital of the nation, only about 500 people had signed up.

Is this a spontaneous outpouring of support for the President?  Not exactly:

The overall Obama policy-support effort, known as “Organizing for America,” got under way last Friday and received the president’s summons to action on the stimulus on Monday.

Despite the tight time frame, LaVera said the effort would yield about 3,000 economic stimulus sessions nationwide.

They must be the diehard 37%.

H/T Instapundit