From The Endive:

Michigan Senator Advocates Fairness on the Radio
Stabenow: It’s time for those aliens at SETI to shut the hell up.

Senator Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, expressed her support of the Fairness Doctrine in an effort to bring order to the radio waves.

“Everyday, people over at SETI are being allowed to listen to all kinds of brainwashing from those aliens from Mars and Neptune and Pluto and Rhynox-4 and Heculibrea and Ur-Oo-Cacackson-3,” said Stabenow, “We have to put a stop to this before it destroys our country!”

Democrats have historically favored some form of regulation to limit the type of rhetoric allowed on our radio waves. Stabenow’s call for fairness has received plenty of support from other senators.

“Those evil Telaxians are just trying to numb people’s minds so they can continue with their kidnappings and anal probes,” said Jim Webb, D-Virginia, “I think it’s time we all started supporting the Fairness Doctrine if we want to keep Telaxian fingers out of our collective asses.”

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