Good news for Americans who want secure borders–we’re not the only xenophobes in the world.  Lord Mandelson warns strikers against xenophobia

Lord Mandelson suggested yesterday that striking workers were displaying the “politics of xenophobia”. His remarks fanned the flames of a dispute over foreign workers that shows little sign of ending.

Workers at nuclear power plants in Sellafield, Cumbria, and Heysham, Lancashire, joined hundreds of wildcat strikers across Britain angry at claims that domestic workers were being undercut by foreign labour.

More walkouts are expected today, forcing the Department of Energy to issue a statement insisting that gas and electricity supplies should be adequate to meet demand in spite of the cold weather and industrial action.

It’s good to know that British politicians are just as stupid as ours.

It’s the law:

In a robust defence of the current legal position, the Business Secretary held firm against the unions, made clear that he had no plans to seek to reform European law and defended Total, the energy company at the centre of the row.

A “No” vote to the EU referendum is looking good right about now, isn’t it, strikers?  Too bad the citizens of Europe weren’t allowed a voice in who rules them, except for Ireland.

A cry into the wilderness:

Peter Hain and Iain McCartney, two former Cabinet ministers, led a chorus of Labour MPs and union officials who said that the Government urgently needed to recognise that there was a problem.

Mr Hain, a former union official, said: “I still find it a puzzle that European companies can come in, bring their labour in, all the costs of accommodating them and transporting them, both to this country and to and from work and then can still abide by the national pay rates and conditions of service.

“This does not seem to me to add up.”

Let me put the pieces together for you.  How can they do this?  Because the EU said they can.  Shut up, hater, and get with the program.

Via Open Europe